How do you create better and dynamic Facebook retargeting ads?

Dynamic retargeting is nothing but an extension to classic retargeting. Retargeting As the word itself suggests, the aim is to ‘target your customer again’. To put it simply, you’re trying to address customers who have previously shown interest in your brand. Retargeting is especially useful if you want to: re-engage a customer who hasn’t purchased anything from your company for some time inform a regular customer about a special offer they might not be aware of otherwise re-engage a customer who has shown interest in your goods but not...     read more

Eye-catching and effective images in dynamic Facebook ads

If you work with Facebook ads created from XML product feeds, you’re bound to have image issues There’s the size issue for starters, and don’t even get us started about how much a vertical orientation can screw up an otherwise horizontally-inclined feed. Once you’ve finally tackled those problems, which format do you choose? Resolution? Quality?Only few people are able to visualize what their e-shop images will look like in their final Facebook ad versions. That’s why we’ve created the XMLCanvas editor -- for those of us who need a little bit...     read more